Vijay Explore - Pyramid Desk Lamp Dichroic Infinite Effect LED Table Light
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Pyramid Desk Lamp Dichroic Infinite Effect LED Table Light

Pyramid Desk Lamp Dichroic Infinite Effect LED Table Light

Introducing the Supesu Pyramid, a unique and contemporary art sculpture designed to be the focal point of your space. This eye-catching masterpiece serves as both a talking point and a captivating centrepiece, adding a touch of creativity to your room. Make a statement with the Supesu Pyramid, an artful blend of aesthetics and functionality. Whether as a standalone piece or part of your decor ensemble, this sculpture adds a touch of the extraordinary to your living space, creating a unique ambiance that's sure to be admired.

Key Features:

  • Ambient Glow: The Supesu Pyramid creates a warm ambient glow, providing a unique and cosy atmosphere to your space. It's not just a sculpture; it's a source of artistic illumination.
  • Versatile Design: This sculpture is a versatile addition to any interior design. It serves as a striking ornament during the day, seamlessly blending with your decor, and comes to life at night, offering an enchanting visual display.
  • Available in 3 sizes:
  • Small: Height 20cm/7.9", Length 15cm/5.9", Width 15cm/5.9"
  • Medium: Height 25cm/9.8", Length 18.75cm/7.4", Width 18.75cm/7.4"
  • Large: Height 30cm/11.9", Length 22cm/8.7", Width 22cm/8.7"


  • Power: USB 5V / 2.5W
  • Cord Length: 150cm / 59"
  • Material: Polychromatic Toughened Scratch Resistant Acrylic
  • Illumination: Core energy efficient LED

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Supesu Pyramid
  • 1 x USB power cable
  • 1 x Instruction manual and care guide
  • 1 x Microfibre care cloth
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